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  • Alright Sausage Etsy
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All my original watercolour paintings are available as high quality fine art prints, in a variety of standard sizes. Prices start from just £7.50. 

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  • Ay up me duck 150 by 150 card Etsy
  • Have a Fabulous Birthday 150 by 150 card copy.jpg
  • Where would I bee without you 150 by 150 card copy.jpg
  • Welcome little one girl 150 by 150 card.jpg
  • The birthday girl Mock up.jpg
  • Dog Mad 150 by 150 card Mock up copy.jpg
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All my printed cards are made from my original watercolour paintings, available to buy as a single card or in bundles. Buying more than one card, use the code 5CARD to get my five card offer..... buy 5 and get one for free!

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Christmas cards 2021

Here's my 2021 Christmas cards! There are 15 designs this year, available to buy as single cards or  in bundles of five. There are three different 5 card bundles for £12 each ...or want all three.... use the code 3XMAS at the checkout to get all 15 cards for £25!

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Gift wrap (inc.Christmas!)

New for Autumn / Winter 2021 is my gift wrap! Take a peep.....

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  • IMG_20210823_145613.jpg
  • IMG_20210823_142124.jpg
  • IMG_20210823_141811.jpg
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  • Dotty the hedgehog brush copy


Here's my new range of prints, suitable for all ages. Available in all standard sizes, hope you like them, please take a look!

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  • Etsy pets 7
  • Etsy pets 9
  • Etsy pets 8
  • Etsy pets 6
  • Etsy pets 4
  • Etsy pets 5
  • Etsy pets 3
  • Etsy pets 2
  • Etsy pets 1
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Pet portraits, personalised family trees, home and family paintings or anything else you can think of! Please get in touch to find out more about ordering an original bespoke commission.

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Paint a long classes

Recently on social media I've started posting a series of paint a long videos which can be viewed and used for free. To watch and paint a long with me please visit my Instagram profile. You can find the videos either in my highlights, or via the Linktree link in my bio. Or follow the see more button and click the large whale picture to be taken to my YouTube channel. The tutorials are about 30mins long and suitable for all ages and abilities... why not give it a go!

I'm Debbie and this is my shop. I live in Staffordshire with my husband, daughter and daft cat. I love to paint and enjoy every minute of it! 


[email protected] / Tel : 07792123435