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  1. So here it is! My first post on my first website!! Eeekkk. I love painting, always have, but had never done anything with it. I did A Level art at school followed by a BA Hons degree in 3dimensional interiors, then for the next 21 years worked as a commercial interior designer.

    But two Septembers ago I was fed up and noticed that a lady in our village did painting classes and thought why not. The classes were great and I started to paint more and more. Then after a mini mid life crisis, struggling to work with a small child and all sorts which I wont go into I thought sod it, and decided, as we only live once I would start painting as see if anyone would like to buy my paintings. And here I am two years later loving it!! I paint anything and everything, but seem to have been drawn towards animals. I love putting the little sayings onto my work and like the humour it can add. 

    I still go to painting classes, I really believe you can always keep learning, I love the chatter, the tea and biscuits and nice ladies that go. Altough I cant deny I'm an arty type Ive always been quite focused and like having a plan, so my first tick is now against ....create new website..... so here we go, lets see what the next chapter brings!